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And a crappy week wouldn't be complete without another trip to the ER and a stay in the hospital for a few days

I need to update about what's been happening the last week or so.  The last post I made had me in the ER on a Sunday night due to problems breathing.  I was discharged to go home that same night, had a crappy night of sleep and then dialysis that Monday morning (which would've been Feb 6th).  That dialysis session was also quite rough, and I had one of the worst migraines I've ever had after that.  I came home, went straight upstairs to my bed with my clothes on and laid there all night.  There was just no relief.  I took the Imitrex the last half-hour of treatment, and I took it again at 7:00pm, but by 9:00pm it was STILL throbbing and I was out of options, so I just sat there in my room, as dark as I could get it.  I couldn't lie down because my lungs were so full of fluid that I'd just cough, which exacerbated the migraine.  I can't remember being more miserable than I was that evening.  I could LITERALLY hear the ceiling fan cutting through the wind and it…

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