Thursday, May 26, 2011

How awesome is this! : FSGS Sucks

I got a friend request on Facebook today from someone unknown to me, but I checked the person out and saw that she was a naturopathic physician, and so I accepted.  Then I saw that she had shared a post from the NephCure page, and here's what it was!!!

Greg, the PR guy from NephCure, informed me that they'd be writing a piece about this blog, but I didn't expect this!  So well written!  This has made me so happy today!!

Which is great, because I'm sad because I miss my pretty little summer sandals.  At this rate, there's no way in HELL I'm gonna be able to get those things on my feet.  I can't even get on a pair of shoes I bought 3 weeks ago (on a day when I THOUGHT my feet were swollen).  And they're so cute!  I'm starting to wonder WHAT kind of shoes will fit later?  And when I see pregnant women with swollen feet, I'm jealous because there's will go away AND they get a happy little baby to boot!  But me?  Mine don't go away, and all I get right now is to bitch about it.  dammit.


  1. Crocs have become my favorite shoes. They're ugly, but the fit the swollen feet and are relatively comfy even when you've swollen around them...

  2. I vouch for Crocs, too. While my transplant was failing a few years ago, I was put on several types of medications and the result was that I had really painful edema in my feet-- so painful that I couldn't find shoes to wear-- until I discovered Crocs. If you go the Crocs website, you'll find that there are lots of cute Crocs available (not just the homely ones you see in your local stores). They even have high-heeled "do me" Crocs! I have a patent leather pair that look super hot. I never thought I would wear something like that again, but Crocs was the answer for me. Their website is Good luck!


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