Saturday, May 28, 2011

Must EVERY sinus infection turn into this?: FSGS Sucks, I'm feeling low.  I had a terrible night's sleep because of the pain in my left eye.  I thought I caught this sinus infection early enough to avoid this, but apparently not.  I'd take stuffiness (which I currently don't have) over the incredible pressure and pain that is in my left eye socket.  I couldn't lay on my left side last night, which is the side I ALWAYS sleep on, because of the pressure.  By 5am, I had to get up and take more Tylenol, then I went back to bed and put my headphones in to try to take my mind off of the pain.  I started out with a meditation app on my iPhone (Relax&Rest), but the voice of the person talking hurt my head, so I went back to just music.  I really really like the app "Altered States".  It's a no-frills app that uses music or nature sounds plus binaural tones.  I chose "dreamy sleep" and it worked like a charm.  In fact, I think it's the ONLY thing that could've helped me get back to sleep.

So that's my whine for today.  My little sister is here now staying the night, which is GREAT for us because she and Izzy play together (which, selfishly, feels like a mini-break for me ;).

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  1. Have you thought about books on tape? If you're going to be miserable and nothing will help, might as well get a story or two out of it, right? (I don't do books on tape, but I have a co-worker who uses them when she can't sleep. She picks them up from the library, so they're free, too!)


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