Monday, December 12, 2011

There is no rhyme or reason : FSGS Sucks

I feel like all I ever do on this blog is bitch and complain...but hey, it's my blog and that's EXACTLY why I started it, right?

But...WOOOOHOOOOO...I'm not complaining today!  And do you know WHY???  Well, it's because I didn't remember how beeee-utiful my feet were, but now I do, and do you know WHY????  Well, it's because, inexplicably, I have no swelling.

This just proves to me that my diet has little impact on the swelling.  I have eaten like complete shit's not as easy when my husband is away, and he's been traveling for the past 2 weeks (just got home on Saturday)...  Now, I realize that if I were to suck on salt cubes, then that would probably cause some problems, but hey...eating like shit is apparently good for my swelling

 Yes, last week = tree trunks.  Today = skinny minny

I even got to wear my new Ugg boots that I've been coveting in my closet since September....

Oh yes, my friends...I'm bringin' sexy back.  Oh I'm not...I've got colitis too, and it's making it's presence known lately.  I guess I can't ever everything :)

And OMG...has anyone else's skin been itching lately????  The last 3 nights have been absolutely hellish for me...I'm scratching all much until it bleeds (yuck, right?).  I had this when I was a little kid too, and eventually was diagnosed with eczema.  I don't have the kind that causes visible rashes or changes in the's silent, but debilitating.  And THE ONLY way to make it go away is an ice pack to numb the pain and something stiff to drink to sleep through it.  Tonight I had a soak in an oatmeal bath...keep your fingers crossed that I don't want to rip my legs off and beat myself over the head with them....mkay???


  1. Cute Boots!! :) Glad you can see toes again!

    Would a humidifier help with the skin issues?

  2. those boots were made for walkin' ;) glad you got into them! And proved all the diet-mongers wrong. Poor little Augie's had a feral case of his eczema so he's right there with you on the itchy you sit up in bed and yell? It seems to work for him, poor little mongrel. xo


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