Thursday, December 13, 2012

Full of ..... : FSGS Sucks

I went to the urgent care place yesterday because I had been having these acute, shooting pain on the right side of my painful to the point of shallow breathing because deep breaths hurt.

Anyway, the doctor essentially (and thankfully) came to the conclusion that I'm full of shit.  Literally.  Last week's hospital stay, combined with iron pills and a severe lack of good nutrition has essentially stopped my colon dead in it's tracks.

Do you know how weird it is to look at an X-ray of your poop?  Bizarro....but glad it's nothing worse. My husband had me worried it was appendicitis or something (and here I always thought my appendix was on my LEFT side....hmmmph...learned something new).

So now, it's a bunch of miralax for me to get "shit" going again.....wooohooooo, sounds like a FUN weekend! ;)

I'm back to being ridiculously sleepy again.  This morning I had to get up at 4:30am in order to be in Eau Claire, WI at 8:00am for a meeting.  Then it's another 2 hour meeting this afternoon, a drive back to Roseville for the NKF Awards dinner.  Gonna be a long day, but I'm powering through...

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  1. Oy - ugh. Hoping that your long day was not too awful, but on the other hand you did get to create a new tag for yours posts - POOP! :)


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