Monday, December 9, 2013

Eeeeeek.....not feeling so hot

This day has sucked from the moment I opened my eyes.
Strike 1: Izzy slept with us last night and did crocodile rolls ALL night.
Strike 2: I woke up at 5:30am so I could actually be on time for my infusion. had my 2nd infusion today at Mayo.
Strike 3: I didn't make it on time because traffic issues caused the normally 2-hour trip to take 3 hrs 45 minutes.
Strike 4: the nurse had to stick me twice because my veins weren't cooperating
Strike 5: rolled down the window of my Ford to pay the parking garage fee, and then the window wouldn't go back up again.
Strike 6: it was -2 degrees (I did end up finding a service station where they were able to get the window up)
Strike 7: I drove 2 hours back to Hudson, WI, met my coworker, and then spent another 5 hours in the car to drive to Milwaukee
Strike 8: I reserved 2 rooms. They only had 1 under my name (luckily, this was also fixed)
Strike 9: I ordered a Caesar salad from room service, and they put 2 whole anchovies on it. It's now a fishy nightmare, so it looks like I won't be eating dinner tonight
Strike 10: I'm SO terribly nauseous and shaky. All I can do is lie in bed and chan scan. However, I need to work. I won't, but the guilt is there.

The only good things about today are that I made it everywhere safely, and I brought my heating pad and sequential compression booties. Score 3 for me.

Gawk, I hope I feel ok tomorrow.

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  1. Hey i saw your post im so sorry you are going through this. I really hope Acthar works. I am a sales persom for Acthar and just want you to know we really care about folks like you and really want to make a difference, and we really dont give a shit about the money, we want to help people like you


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