Monday, May 16, 2011

A calm weekend : FSGS still sucks

Why is it that I feel relatively normal during the weekend but when Monday comes around all the shit starts?

It was a great, weekend health-wise.  No headaches, no poop...the swelling was still there but it kinda feels like it's not going away, so I'm just not acknowledging it.  No nausea either!

But then this morning.  Poop.  Damn it!!!! 

I got my prep kit for my colonoscopy on Wednesday.  I think I'm most worried about tomorrow night...what the HELL am I gonna sustain myself on?  Clear fluids (nothing purple or red), broth and jello.  Super.  I'm already hungry just thinking about it.  Sadly, I'm just hoping that I'll be nauseous so I'm not thinking about it.

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