Friday, May 13, 2011

I think my feet resemble Fred Flintstone : FSGS Sucks

Today was a strange day. I woke up this morning, determined to stay home and rest. And then I started thinking about work. And then I felt guilty so I sucked it up and got ready. My feet were huge this morning so I thought I'd wear one of the new pair of shoes I got this weekend.

I purposely bought shoes to wear with my swollen feet, AND I was swollen already, but apparently not THIS swollen. I was down to the last hole on the strap. I couldn't even cram these things into flip flops.

I decided to stop by St. Francis to pick up the necessities for my stool culture. I had to go anyway, so I went back home, took care of that awful process, dropped it off and got some blood drawn, and then went to work.

I could hardly walk from my car to my desk from my feet. And my stomach was ROLLING. I went to my meeting and begged my colleagues to take care of things for me at work so I could go home and lie down. Thankfully they're very understanding and helped out.

This is what my feet looked like when I got home:

Shortly thereafter the GI doctor's office called and could see me this afternoon. I really wanted to stay horizontal, but I also want this stomach nightmare to go away so I went.

My doctor, Dr. Toriano, is an awesome doc from New York. We hit it off immediately, I shared my story about my kidney disease, he took a trip down med school memory lane, and then ordered up a colonoscopy. That's right, my friends, a COLONOSCOPY. Oh God. I asked to have it scheduled ASAP so I didn't have time to chicken out, so it's next Wednesday. Yippee. A butt probe.

It's 11:11pm. And my feet are still swollen. My stomach is rolling and I'm hungry. And did I mention that I FINALLY got my period today, after a bizarre, unexplained 2-month absence??? Today sucked.

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  1. Oh, you poor baby. This post breaks my heart! I feel so grateful for what I have, thank you for sharing and persevering.


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