Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello there, ankles! : FSGS Sucks

Yesterday was rough.  I'm sure I've written this before, but it was the WORST swelling that I've had so far.  I had to dig in my shoe supply to find something to fit on them in the morning, and even then, they were cutting in.  My feet feel deeply bruised....all over, so anything on my feet creates sometimes unbearable pain.  It got so bad yesterday that I came home and asked my boss if I could work from home today in order to keep my feet elevated, which is exactly what I've done.  My butt hurts because I've done NOTHING except for lie here on this sofa, but it's working.

Gravity is truly the only thing that's consistently worked so far, which is pretty damn inconvenient.  I'm almost scared to get up from this sofa for fear that my feet are going to swell so fast.  See this ankle bone in the photo below?  Yeah, I'd kinda like to see that more often.

Sadly, the swelling had gone down considerably last night, but seemed to come back as I was sleeping, which means the ONLY position to reduce the swelling is feet above heart.  That's not easy to pull off consistently if I want to have ANY sort of a life.  Not much I can seem to do right now...I'm working on my sodium intake, but that's about all I can do.  Hopefully they don't swell up overnight.


  1. Screw this disease. It sucks Jenn. Say hello to those ankles from me.

  2. Man, I know how much leg and ankle swelling sucks! Every now and then, my left ankle and foot swell up huge for no reason.... it's so uncomfortable. You keep on keepin' on, though, Jenn. Love your blog.



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