Wednesday, June 8, 2011

These are my thoughts right now : FSGS Sucks

I wanted to take a minute to document exactly what I'm thinking right now...

DAYUM!  My feet are HUGE!
My knees hurt.
Why is my left leg bigger than the other.
I love salt.
As evidenced by the bag of chips that Izzy and I are snacking on.
How much bigger can my feet get, really?
I found it IMPOSSIBLE to intake <1000mg of salt.
I need a personal menu-planner and chef.
I want to go outside and play with Izzy, but it's TOOO FREAKIN' HOT OUTSIDE.
I'm tired of waking up bathed in sweat.
Is there any way I can rig up a workstation that will allow me to lie down with my feet elevated and still edit photos?
I'm weak.
I can't believe how big my ass and thighs have gotten.
How in the HELL am I going to lose this weight.
Will the swelling ever go away?  Will it at least get better?
I miss running.
I'm glad that Izzy's old enough to hand me a chip when I ask her to :) (that's probably bad, isn't it?
I'm glad I work for a company that understands, and is letting me work from home tomorrow so I can keep my feet elevated.

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  1. Almost as good as a wonderful family is an understanding work environment.

    I can not tell you that the swelling will go away, but mine did. I have never shared this beyond my home, but let's just say that LOTS of things can swell. :( Water weight went away with lasix - a lot of it. My prednisone fat is still an issue. I gained 80 pounds in less than three weeks when I first got sick.


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