Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sick sick sick sick sick : FSGS Sucks

So far this year, I've had one about of pneumonia, 2 sinus infections, and now bronchitis.  I swear, this sucks.  I feel like shit.  I lay around here feeling guilty because I can't play with Izzy, and because I'm not at work working on my project.  This guilt isn't getting me any healthier any faster either.

I'm tired of catching every single thing that comes my way, and getting a bad case of it.  The sinus infections were AWFUL!!!  This bronchitis is no picnic either...I wake up feeling awful...get about 4 or 5 hours where it's tolerable, and then start to get soooo tired right before I go home.  I tried to tough it out at work the previous 3 days, but I waved the white flag this morning.

I'm staying home tomorrow to try to get some rest and get better.  I'm going to try to work, unless I'm just totally out of it and then it's pointless.  I'd probably do more harm than good :)

Here's Izzy and me this morning...
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