Monday, June 6, 2011

Thankful for family today : FSGS Sucks

So, this weekend was my daughter's birthday.  Well, it was actually last Thursday, but we were having the party on Saturday.  And, wouldn't you know it, it was hot as hell.  Seriously.  Hot.

And my feet were not being very accommodating.  I'm just thankful that my family tried to help me out.  They kept telling me to sit down and put my feet up, and so I did.  It was hard for me..made me feel SOOO guilty, but the pain of walking outweighed that guilt.

They helped me in soooo many ways this weekend, and I'm terribly grateful.

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  1. Book recommendation for you is Raising An Emotionally Healthy Child When a Parent is Sick. This is not to imply you are not parenting well - I really liked the full-spectrum of information and ideas for anyone with a chronic illness. I blogged about it here:

    Reading it really made me better at asking for help, and more appreciative of help that was offered.

    Happy Birthday to your little girl! We have one coming up this weekend - hoping for less heat than you had! :)


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