Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Work travel ain't all it's cracked up to be : FSGS Sucks

This week is hectic. On Monday, I had a sales planning meeting for 7 hours. On Tuesday morning, my co-worker and I drove to Brookings, SD for a meeting in the afternoon, and then spent the night there. This morning, we headed back to Minneapolis, which gave me just enough time to go home, change clothes and head to the airport to fly to Detroit today. I'm sitting at O'Hare waiting for my final flight, and I'm soooo ready to be done today.

I put on some compression stockings for the flight because my legs have been uber swollen, so I figured it couldn't hurt. However, they bunch up a lot right behind my knee, so it's a bit uncomfortable. Plus, my feet feel like they're in some sort of binding. Hopefully this will all be worth it tonight when I finally get to my hotel and can take them off. Sweet relief is only 4 hours away......

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