Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Somehow I made it to the finish.

Man, yesterday is a blur.  I was emotionally ragged and threw it out everywhere.  Ah, well...what can I say?  I mean, it's the truest me there is when that happens.

After countless BP pills, IVs, and anxiety meds, we finally got my BP low enough to start the infusion.

The trick was to stand during every single blood pressure reading.  Every 10 minutes.  For 3 hours.

And then I'd take breaks in between readings to attend a webinar on infection prevention in dialysis clinics.

Adam saved the day by bringing me a sammich and pasta salad.  I didn't bring provisions for an ultimately 11-hr stay, and I was starving by the time things got rolling.  So lucky to have such a good friend!

And this guy is continuing to prove that giving away a kidney doesn't negatively impact your life in any way.  Adam and Noel are headed to St. George, Utah this weekend for Adam's first Ironman 70.3.  He's worked SO many hours running and in the pool....I can't wait to see how well he does and to hear all about his experience when he and Noel come back.  Best of luck to you, Adam!

This infusion was so different than the others I've had at Mayo.  For starters, I've never had issues getting them started due to BP.  But I DID have a BP issue that caused a reschedule of a biopsy in 2016.  That was rearing it's ugly head yesterday and not helping.  I'm freaking the freak out about my blood pressure.  Also, once the infusion got started and going, the nurse bumped it up to the next flow rate (60ml/hr) and we maintained that the whole time, but my BP didn't rise at all, which is COMPLETELY different than every other one I've had.  My BP always rises dramatically when getting these, so what was different the time?  What cocktail of meds did the trick?  Sadly, we'll never know because we just threw everything at it.  There's no learning to be had from yesterday.

I have no idea how long it will take to "kick in".  I felt great last night after it was done, but woke up around 3:00am (I'm guessing because my BP was astronomical).  I took a benadryl and some 0.2mg clonidine, but never fell back asleep, so I'm am just frazzled and hazy today. I have extra fluid from the infusion on me, and my lungs feel soupy today, so I'm going to go into the clinic early and do a 1-hr UF run before my regular dialysis run.  I do this in order to pull extra fluid (hopefully 4 kg off today).

I just hope I can sleep through the entire thing today.


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