Monday, April 9, 2012

Another sleepless night : FSGS Sucks

Gawd...I feel like shit.  Please somebody put me out of my misery.

I tried to sleep.  I REALLY tried.  I was hungry, but went to bed anyway because I knew I had to work today.  I lie in bed and watched one episode of Bones...and when it was over I still wasn't tired enough to sleep, so I watched another.  At this point, it was 11:45pm, and nary a yawn.

But I was determined.

And I got my ass kicked.

My mind....forever racing.  Izzy up at some point...freaking out (maybe sleepwalking even).  She came in to our room, started crying about her blankie, so I got up to go to her room only to not find it and realize she already had it in bed.  And then she wouldn't go back to sleep.  Like her Mamma.  And then she had to go potttttttttttty.  And then I got annoyed.  And then she had to go potty again....10 freaking minutes later.  And then I got angry as Joacim slept blissfully ignorant of the hell I was living.

Finally, I took a swig of my hydrocodone cough syrup as a desperate measure, thinking it was around 2:30am or so and 3 hours of sleep were better than none.  Sadly, it wasn't 2:30am....but rather 4:30am....and I was STILL wide awake.  Watched more Bones.  Alarm went off.  Freaked out.  Made an omelet (the only good part of the day still).  Showered in an attempt to mask my physical state.

And now I sit here, in a fog of confusion, sleep deprivation, physical discomfort and a general all-around feeling of being utterly, completely, hopelessly miserable.

I sent an email to my doctor to update's hoping he prescribes something quickly.

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