Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4:29am : FSGS Sucks


2nd time in two weeks, making me FREAK OUT because I start my new job on Monday and I don't have a way to deal with this. I recognized the feeling around midnight,took a sleeping pill, and nothing. And THAT was my reliable backup method.

Tomorrow, or I guess today, I'm supposed to take izzy and my mom-in-law shopping. Clearly not gonna happen. I'm downloading meditation apps in the hope that something works.

It's so damn hot in here. I'm lying in my cocoon with an ice pack under me, a wet washcloth on my face and the fan on high. My own private little hell that I'm suffering again.

1 comment:

  1. Oy - could you spend the next week pre-taking the sleeping pills? Before we moved to Missouri I could not sleep and started using Tylenol PM to get me through the night. I'm embarking on a two week trip with 38 teenagers to Milwaukee - will likely start taking them tonight so I am well rested!


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