Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feeling my limitations : FSGS Sucks

So...it's day 2 of my trip, and I'm exhausted. I mean...I got 8 hrs of sleep last night, yet I had a hard time feeling awake all day. My eyes make me look like I'm hungover because they're so bloodshot. It's 8:15pm, and I'm ready for bed, because I'm meeting a colleague at 6:15 am to drive two hours north.

I'm feeling the limitations of this disease and how it affects me physically. I'm in sales, and sales people like to go out to dinners and entertain. However, me...at the end of the day, can't WAIT to get back to my hotel room, put on my jammies and prop up my severely inflated feet.

I'll find the balance..l know I will, I'm just frustrated that I can't always go full steam ahead..that I MUST listen to my body and give it what it needs.


  1. I can sympathize, I didn't do half do what I wanted todo today and I'm already excited to go to sleep too.

  2. Crap - sorry Jenn. Once you get into routine I'm sure it will help your body and mind out.


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