Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 2

Day 2 of what?

I'd say it's Day 2 of my promise to myself to exercise (as well as day 2 of being without my little girl :(  )

Today I did 25 minutes of yoga.  I found a yoga app on my receiver by Tara Stiles, and it had something like 90 different little yoga routines.  There was yoga for strength, morning yoga, yoga for killer abs, yoga for lower body strength (you get the idea)...

I picked 3 (abs, lower body and hip openers) to start off with, and I think that was good.  I wanted to do more, but I stopped myself because whenever I try to get healthy and work out, I over-do it.  I'm trying very hard to take it muscles have completely wasted away due to the water retention and protein loss (there goes  my plan to be a body-builder) but I WOULD like to be able to open a jar of peanut butter without my husband's help.  And I want to be able to go sledding with Izzy and not be so out of breath after one run.  All good reasons...all achievable.

I also had this AMAZING little salad tonight that I saw on Pinterest:

OMG.  So good.  Just the right amount of tang and saltiness....I think the thing that topped it off was a salad mix I bought today that had herbs and peppery lettuces in it.  PERFECT!

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  1. That salad does look pretty amazing - now I want a salad damn it! Might need a grocery run before dinner... thanks.


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