Thursday, April 11, 2013

On to the University of Minnesota...

I called Dr. Lee on Monday and left a message with his office regarding the "No Referral" status of Hennepin County Medical Center in regards to my insurance, and within 5 minutes he called me back.  Within a day he had spoken with the director over there, got me hooked up with the transplant coordinator, and started the ball rolling over there.  I tell you...he's fantastic and efficient!

So I spoke with the coordinator at U of M, and she explained all the things that would happen next.  I received a packet of info from them yesterday that I perused last night, but hope to spend more time this weekend digging in.

I realized that I MUST get this stuff organized at the beginning.  I've already lost one set of notes that had all of the Cigna nurse case manager info on it, so I can't let that happen again.  Not exactly sure what method I'll use, but I'll figure something out.

The last 3 days I've spent on my feet at a convention center for a trade show, which means my legs and back are horribly swollen.  And I'm a level of tired that I can't quite articulate, but I wanted to get this post out so I can go to bed.  I thought I'd do all of this research tonight, but I realized that I'm too tired to make sense of anything.  This is the first week in a few where I've had to be up so early every day.  It's taken a lot out of me...I'm not getting the sleep I need nor the exercise.  And I'm traveling next week to Cleveland, where I'll spend another 4-5 days in a classroom, swelling.  Awesome.

I wanted to go for a run tonight when I got home because my couch-to-5K program is lacking right now, but we had a freaking snowstorm in April overnight, and so that's been officially ruled out until the snow is gone again.  I want to run, but no way in HELL am I doing it out in this weather!  Maybe Izzy will want to go to the gym with me on Saturday :)  I guess I better check to see if my hotel has a treadmill or something, although I doubt that my schedule will permit much time for me to do anything next week.

I'm thinking of my friend Kinga tonight.  She recently had a baby, and then had to go on (what I would consider) emergency dialysis.  She has a catheter that is causing her quite a bit of pain, and she's frustrated trying to be a new mom and a person dealing with FSGS.  I'm wishing her all of the best, as she's been through a lot.  Please help send positive vibes her way....

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